Pro DBA is a London and Edinburgh based IT consultancy specialising in the design, development and support of Oracle and SQL Server database solutions for organisations worldwide.

The management team at Pro DBA were looking for a communications solution to connect their team whilst they worked remotely.

Services we provided

Unified Communications

Wildix Collaboration is used to communicate externally with their clients and internally to collaborate within the team.

Matthew White – Commercial Operations Manager

We have been very impressed with Bluecube. They took time to understand our previous environment and the challenges that presented.

Matthew White – Commercial Operations Manager

Deploying a fast and efficient solution during the pandemic

When Pro DBA contacted Bluecube to seek help and advice, like many other UK businesses they had been forced to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The very nature of the pandemic and the first lockdown order meant that there was little time to plan for efficient remote working and a communication strategy.

Inbound calls on the main business numbers continued to route as normal to the London and Edinburgh offices, but there was nobody there to answer the calls. Pro DBA was quickly able to have calls for each office diverted to a mobile, but this still meant that the business was unable to transfer calls around the organisation and communicate efficiently.

Wildix UCaas implementation and training

It was agreed that Wildix a UCaaS (unified communications as a service) product would be deployed across the business. A service delivery manager at Bluecube agreed an implementation plan with the customer to oversee the number porting, system configuration and deployment of our solution.

It was agreed that the client would not require any hardware and would swap desk phones for our mobile application and soft phone client. Opting for a software only solution allowed Pro DBA to use their laptop, PC or MAC as their main communication device.
A number of training sessions were arranged with the client to ensure the end users were aware of and capable of using the broad range of features that Wildix offered. Where required additional/refresher training was deployed.

A unified and fully connected Pro DBA team

Once the solution was live and the business numbers had ported, the team were able to work in any location but stay fully connected. Transferring calls around the business was easy and live presence technology meant that staff could see the availability of their colleagues before try to call or transfer calls through to them. Wildix allows the team to chat and arrange meetings by video and the Wildix chat function not only allows chat but gives users access to some handy tools like post it notes and file sharing (without a size limit).

The challenge

To provide a solution that would allow the team at Pro DBA to communicate and share information internally and with external contacts whilst working remotely.

The solution

A multiple user Wildix UCaaS solution deployed by Bluecube for staff based in and around London and Edinburgh.

The results

The consultancy and support teams at Pro DBA are now able to make, receive and manage calls on their business numbers whilst working from any location. The solution includes video calling and conferencing, chat, file sharing and real time presence technology.

Customer testimonial

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a game-changer for us all and for Pro DBA it was imperative that we continued business as usual in the ever-changing climate – where people were working from home, sometimes with little notice. The business, our clients and staff required an enhanced telecoms tool that would allow for easy and professional communication via desktop or mobile, whatever the location.

We have been very impressed with Bluecube. They took time to understand our previous environment and the challenges that presented. They proposed a solution that precisely matched our requirements and throughout the process, the trial period and the inductions all the way through to the final launch, Bluecube have always been available, helpful and quick to respond to all requests for support.