What is the ISDN switch-off?

Openreach plans to switch off the PSTN and ISDN networks for good, starting with a cease in supply from 2020. This is because the technologies are dated and have high maintenance costs. Migrating to a full fibre network will allow Openreach to concentrate on improving network features rather than maintaining legacy technologies.

How to prepare for the ISDN switch-off?

Preparing for the ISDN switch off is incredibly easy. Changing to Silverline by Bluecube is simple, speak to our experienced team about the benefits of IP telephony and suitable migration paths.


How do I know if my business is ready for the digital switch-off?

If you want to find out if your business is ready for the digital switch-off, get in touch with Bluecube today and one of our team would be able to confirm for free if you are already prepared.

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Why the digital switch off is an opportunity


Our Silverline system can be far more affordable that traditional on-site alternatives. With cloud-based servers, less equipment needs to be installed on-site, resulting in less installation and on-going maintenance costs.


Choosing Silverline means you’re not stuck with a limited capacity system if your business grows. As your business expands and you employ more staff, all you need to do is buy additional licenses.


Many businesses now employ staff in more than one location and remote working is becoming more popular within modern organisations. Traditional phone systems can be costly and time consuming to set up across multiple locations and to enable remote worker access. With Silverline, none of these restrictions apply as the service is provided over the internet.


Silverline dramatically reduces the cost of many phone system enhancements that were previously too expensive or unobtainable for many small and medium-sized businesses. With Silverline, call recording, on-hold marketing, CRM integration and many more features can be added by businesses of any size at an affordable rate.

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