Lincolnshire Y.M.C.A


Bluecube upgrade connectivity and mobile fleet for Lincolnshire YMCA

YMCA is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world. In England and Wales, the charity intensively supports 228,000 young people every year, ensuring each young person they meet has an opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive in society. Bluecube were approached initially to look at the data network across Lincolnshire YMCA’s network of sites. As the contract was eventually awarded to Bluecube to roll out connectivity, the organisations mobile phones were also reviewed and migrated to Bluecube management.

  • Challenge: As the charity were upgrading their IT systems and migrating the core infrastructure to a cloud based solution, fast and reliable connectivity was of paramount importance. Bluecube were also asked to provide some cost analysis on their mobile fleet.
  • Solution: A 300Mbps Business Ethernet service and guaranteed 10Mbps Quickline line-of-sight Beanstalk internet service. Bespoke mobile upgrade to accommodate the tailored needs of the charity’s senior management team and other users.
  • Result: Increased bandwidth across the entire organisation and upgraded mobile hardware with reduced tariffs to provide a saving in monthly line rental. Crucially, the full management of the organisations communications infrastructure are now being managed by Bluecube’s service desk team.

High Speed Connectivity

A fast and reliable connection was required at The Showroom to support the charities IT and internet requirements. After deliberating on which solution would yield maximum efficiency, a 300MB Business Ethernet circuit was chosen as the optimum solution. Bluecube provided a connectivity report which compared the best speeds, carriers and pricing available. A Virgin line was chosen due to the competitive price and Bluecube fully managed a site survey. As part of the survey Virgin engineers carried out inspections and confirmed the service was secure and available to install. The installation finished ahead of the 90 day installation lead time and the charity were fully active on their new internet service within around 60 days of ordering.

Line-of-Sight and FTTC

Line-of-Sight is just one of the options in Bluecube’s extensive portfolio of internet services. The wireless service works by attaching a receiver dish to the side of the business property which then points at a wireless internet transmitter. The Line-of-Sight service also provides a much quicker installation time than a standard Business Ethernet service.

Line-of-Sight is a very popular service with businesses in rural locations and area where broadband speeds simply aren’t fast enough. The service is also commercially viable for even small businesses without the budget for Business Ethernet.

Bluecube also installed and connected several superfast fibre broadband services across various sites that are owned and managed by the Lincolnshire YMCA.

Mobile Review and upgrade

Andrew Armstrong is the Director of Finance at YMCA Lincolnshire and asked Bluecube to provide a mobile tariff review for the upcoming mobile renewal. Bluecube scouted the main UK networks to find the best pricing, tariff options and signal strength. YMCA were given a cost comparison report, which detailed Bluecube’s proposal against their current spend. A bespoke contract was chosen, with a mixture of SIM-only and single tariffs. iPhone 7 handsets were provided and the number port, hardware dispatch and network connection were all fully managed by Bluecube’s support team.

Silverline not only gives PlayerLayer live visibility of staff activity across the business but also allows senior managers to view historic data to show how efficiently inbound and outbound calls are dealt with. The ability to access historic call recordings also allows the user to improve the caller experience through playback and training. Order dispute and other dispute issues are also easily resolved through call recording.

The Final Word


A Bluecube connectivity report gives a full analysis of any location and the carriers available at that business address. We can tell you the speeds, services and prices available across all major UK carriers and independent aggregators.

A mobile review from Bluecube also analyses the tariffs and handsets available across all mobile operators before making a recommendation that fits your business requirements. Contact the Bluecube team today and find out if there are improvements and savings to be made across you’re communications infrastructure.