Evotech Performance


Location not an issue for Evotech Performance

Drury Precision Engineering Limited is based in Alford, the Lincolnshire town near to the East coast of the county. The company also operates the successful and established brand of motorcycle accessories, Evotech Performance, from their Alford HQ.

The two businesses combine to make one of the biggest employers in the local area. Both businesses use highly sophisticated machinery to perform the precision engineering required to manufacture their products. The technology they have adopted to communicate with clients and suppliers also took major strides forward when they decided to use Bluecube in 2016. The company have not let their rural location hinder their willingness to adopt new technology in any way and the communications technology provided by Bluecube is testament to that. Here’s what happened when Bluecube began working with Drury/Evotech back in the summer of 2016...

  • Challenge: To provide a unified cloud based voice system, use cloud based services and use mobile devices in collaboration with the phone system.
  • Solution: A multiple user cloud based Silverline voice solution and business mobiles from EE, all managed and billed by Bluecube.
  • Result: A unified communications environment using next generation services which ultimately delivered the features and capability required by the client.

Phone system and services upgrade

Prior to the installation of Silverline from Bluecube the businesses ran two completely independent phone systems. The implementation of Silverline meant that a single phone system could serve both businesses and the system was intelligent enough to route calls to the correct business or group of extensions based on the number being called. The system also displayed the name of the business being called in to when some users had the responsibility of taking calls for either business. Intelligent call routing means that inbound calls don’t get missed or left to wait long periods of time for an answer.

The businesses were also given the option to add a professionally recorded auto-attendant to direct calls to the right area of the business as well as having a marketing message uploaded for callers that were put on hold. Yealink T48G and T41P desk phones were deployed across the business with a few users adopting Yealink W52P cordless phones that could be used across site. The W52P handsets have a 150m (indoor) and 350m (outdoor) range making them ideal for factory or warehouse spaces.

Out of hours calls were automatically redirected to an auto-attendant giving the option to leave a voicemail or speak to an out of hours mobile user on cover.

Bluecube, as always, fully managed the system configuration, installation, site testing and end user training for the phone system.


The final word

Chris Vines is a Director at Drury Precision Engineering Limited and was delighted with the results of the communications project undertaken by Bluecube. He emailed Bluecube management after the installation to say "The new phone system is working brilliantly, in fact, it's exceeding our expectations and we're very happy customers".

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