Player Layer

Read about the 9 year communications evolution of one of Bluecube's first clients, PlayerLayer Limited.

PlayerLayer have grown and evolved since their incorporation in 2008, just as their communication requirements have done. The company was founded by a group of four young entrepreneurs with a vision of offering personalised sports base layers for schools and sports clubs. Over the years the range of bespoke sports products offered by PlayerLayer has grown just as significantly as their customer base.

When Bluecube began working with PlayerLayer back in 2008, we provided a mobile phone for each of the four Directors and a simple mobile working solution. As the number of staff grew across PlayerLayer, Bluecube began providing landline and internet services to staff working from the company’s Nottingham HQ as well as the employee’s home. In 2012 Bluecube installed and managed an Ericsson LG IP/Digital phone system which networked office based and remote workers across the country as PlayerLayer’s business grew.

  • Challenge: To improve the internet connectivity at HQ whilst upgrading the legacy phone system to a solution that offered scalability and remote working options.
  • Solution: Bluecube's hosted Silverline system gives PlayerLayer live call statistics for both office based and remote workers and gives all users visibility on all users availability for calls, regardless of location. High speed 50:50 Mbps Business Ethernet also provides PlayerLayer with ample bandwidth for voice services and supports many other cloud based office activities.
  • Result: This seasonal business can expand capacity during the busy post summer order fulfilment period and reduce it again during quieter periods. This allows PlayerLayer to pay for the services they need, only when they actually need them.

Player Layer


There have been numerous upgrades in functionality and capacity at PlayerLayer over the 9 years we have serviced the account. The client’s business needs have changed and technology has moved along significantly over that period. On occasions there have been small upgrade projects to offer more capacity, bandwidth or functionality. There have also been 2 major upgrades, the most recent in line with a change of HQ premises.

Delivering on timescales

When Bluecube were approached in early 2017 about moving the business communications for PlayerLayer to a new HQ address, it was also agreed to review the communications set up as part of this project. We reviewed the internet speeds and services at several potential addresses until the relocation address was finalised. Bluecube then replaced the legacy IP-PBX with its Silverline hosted voice system. This allowed easier number portability and a smoother transition from the old HQ to the new address. However, increased functionality and better reporting information was the key to PlayerLayer’s decision to upgrading.

Information is everything

PlayerLayer had a third party call centre “failover” system in place so that any calls that weren’t answered quickly were dealt with remotely. However, using the old system they couldn’t see how many calls were being missed as callers decided to try later. They had no way of knowing how many inbound or outbound calls were made by each member of their team or each department and no way of planning to improve the customer experience for future seasons.

Silverline not only gives PlayerLayer live visibility of staff activity across the business but also allows senior managers to view historic data to show how efficiently inbound and outbound calls are dealt with. The ability to access historic call recordings also allows the user to improve the caller experience through playback and training. Order dispute and other dispute issues are also easily resolved through call recording.

The Final Word

Player Layer Logo

PlayerLayer's comms evolution story perfectly demonstrates the trend in communications services that Bluecube are seeing on a much larger scale. Since launching the Silverline product in 2014, Bluecube have seen a massive uptake in hosted voice services whilst seeing a decline in client’s opting to renew digital or analogue services. The lack of orders for new “on-site” phone systems is the most significant proof we are seeing that next generation communications are now the choice of most modern businesses. The IT Manager, Ryan Bryant, at PlayerLayer commented "Bluecube have helped us over the years to adapt our communications set up to meet the demand of our customers and keep up with fast changing technology to remain competitive. In a world where new technology fast becomes old, Bluecube have given us good and commercially sound advice over a long period of time".