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Conference Calling

Conference Calling

Host conference calls between team members and clients for no additional cost.

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Mobile App

Stay connected to your office community with our mobile device app.

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Desktop App

Control your landline phone with our powerful desktop app for Mac & Windows computers.


Missing calls when you're out of the office?
Be in the office from virtually anywhere!

Silverline by Bluecube brings your entire communication system together. With our powerful desktop and mobile apps, you are able to take your office landline number anywhere with you.

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Ever had a 'he-said-she-said' situation?
Record and protect your business.

No matter where you are working, in or out of the office, our system provides you with call recording and cloud storage. Download and share features allow you to monitor quality control.

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What do your customers listen to on-hold?
Quick & simple ways to set marketing messages.

Our Silverline software allows you to record and upload new on-hold marketing messages with just a few clicks of a button. On-hold marketing means you can promote, cross-sell and enhance your customer experience.

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Other Features

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HD Call Quality

Call quality like no other. Silverline uses high definition call quality to deliver a better experience than traditional digital telephony.

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Mobile Phone Linking

Our mobile app allows you to connect directly with your office phone from anywhere in the world. Allowing you to access your directory, pick up voicemails and even call contacts from your office number.

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Instant Disaster Recovery

Never experience a missed call. Silverline’s disaster recovery system ensures that, with automatic forwarding, all calls are redirected to your chosen number should your internet connection drop.

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On-Hold Marketing

How does your business sound? On-hold marketing messages can quickly and easily be uploaded. No longer do high costs, inaccessibility or technological restrictions need to prevent your business from delivering a professional on-hold experience.

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Flexible Working Solutions

Work from anywhere! Connect directly to your phone system from a home computer or mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection.

Ready to kick-start your business communications?

Connect all your business phones, mobiles and team collaboration tools in one simple package.
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Digital Switch-Off

Small & Medium Businesses are most at risk from the digital switch-off.

ISDN is being switched off from 2020. However, there are over 2 million businesses in the UK still using an old ISDN connection. Is your business one of them?

Is my business ready?