Shard Capital


Bluecube win prestigious contract in iconic London landmark

Bluecube were instructed by London financial services company Shard Capital Partners LLP to provide a high capability telephony system at their prestigious offices in London's famous tower at 20 Fenchurch Street in London, better known as the "Walkie-Talkie" building.

  • Challenge: Offering the high levels of functionality required by the client including call recording and call recording archives for industry compliancy.
  • Solution: Porting all numbers to the Silverline cloud based phone system and running the voice traffic over high speed Ethernet connectivity.
  • Result: A fully compliant and high specification phone system that integrates with the clients own customer management system to offer additional efficiency throughout the business.


A challenging move

When Shard Capital Partners LLP contacted Bluecube they were already planning their move from their former Blackfriars HQ to their new home in the “Walkie-Talkie” building. This alone represented a major challenge for the team at Bluecube as MD Paul Reames explained “Deploying any kind of service in to a building with security measures and strict procedures like 20 Fenchurch Street would be challenging, but getting the internet services in where multiple engineer visits are required made this project particularly tricky. Because of security measures in the building, even delivering equipment had to be carefully planned. The team worked very hard and effectively to successfully project manage the installation through to completion”.

Call recording

As financial advisors and stock brokers our client needed a reliable call recording system and call recording archiving to meet and exceed industry compliance rules. The Silverline system is set up to record all inbound, outbound and internal calls at all times. The calls are then archived in a cloud based archive and backed up automatically to the clients own local storage. The easy to administer portal Bluecube use for call recording access makes finding specific call recordings easy. Shard are able to search using a date range, client name or phone number to locate call recordings when required.

Phone number migration

Shard Capital incorporated in 2010 and has used the same phone numbers since incorporation. With a large customer base, keeping these numbers was vitally important to deliver business continuity during and after the move. Telephone numbers can only be retained on traditional systems if the new address is connected to the same local telephone exchange. Bluecube were able to port the clients existing numbers to the cloud and connect them to the Silverline system. Once added to the Silverline environment the numbers can be used anywhere, not only in the UK but globally wherever an internet connection is available.

The Final Word

For our client keeping their existing numbers was vital and Silverline was the obvious choice to enable them to do so. The HD (high definition) voice system met the full list of criteria in the client’s project brief and they were delighted with the end result. Speaking on behalf of Shard Capital Partners LLP, Gary Dell IT Director at Guidance Technologies Limited said “Bluecube delivered on every level for this project. The client had very specific requirments and the installation was an exteremely diffciult one with regard to security at site. With the complications of keeping the voice system industry compliant that they had too, Bluecube did fantastically well to deliver on time and meet the full system specifications. Well done to the team at Bluecube”.