Bluecube Service Level Agreement

1.1 Fault priority

Bluecube shall manage handling response and resolution according to the priority of the fault; the priority will be based on the impact on the Customer’s business. The following table shows a definition of the priorities.

Priority 1 Critical Loss of service or problems severely affecting the Services.
Priority 2 Major Intermittent and degraded performance which is a Service Affecting Fault.
Priority 3 Minor Faults with a minor impact which amount to a Non-Service Affecting Fault.
Priority 4 Informational Request for information

The customer can select the priority of the fault at the time of entering the fault details, if no priority level is given Bluecube will assign a priority level on the customer’s behalf. The level of priority allocated to the fault will determine subsequent updates. Bluecube reserves the right to upgrade or downgrade the fault priority having made its own assessment of the effects of the fault.

1.2 Updates and target resolution times

Bluecube shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide updates and resolve faults within the target times set out below.

The provision of customer updates by Bluecube shall depend on the priority level of the fault. These response times start when a fault has been registered in the fault management system.

Bluecube shall attempt to provide a temporary solution to minimise the impact on the Hosted Services while a permanent solution is developed.

The customer acknowledges that in providing the Support Services, Bluecube may need to rely on the provision of support services from a third party support provider (“Third Party Support Provider”). Bluecube shall not be liable for any failure to provide the Support Services if such failure arises out of the length of time it takes for a Third Party Support Provider to resolve the fault or problem or if such failure arises out of a Third Party Support Provider’s failure to resolve the fault or problem.

Communications support (voice, connectivity and mobile services) target resolution times

First update Further Updates Target resolution time
Priority 1 Within 30 min Update every 2 hours Within 4 hours
Priority 2 Within 2 hours Update every 4 hours Within 2 days
Priority 3 Within 8 hours Update every 1 day Within 7 days
Priority 4 Within 48 hours Update every 7 days Within 7 days

IT support target resolution times

First update Further Updates Target resolution time
Priority 1 Within 1 hour Update every 3 hours Within 8 hours
Priority 2 Within 2 hours Update every 6 hours Within 1 day
Priority 3 Within 8 hours Update every 1 day Within 5 days
Priority 4 Within 48 hours Update every 48 hours Within 7 days

The target resolution times set out above are subject to the customer providing Bluecube with prompt access to the customer’s premises or equipment, or remote access to the customer’s system, if required and they are also subject to the performance of any relevant Third Party Support Provider.

Please note that if a web ticket is raised by the customer online, the first agent to update the ticket will assess the priority level and has the right to change priority level as required.

Where the fault arises from any Third Party Local Access, Bluecube shall use reasonable endeavours to manage the resolution of the fault by the Third Party Local Access provider as soon as reasonably practicable, but Bluecube shall not be liable for the Third Party Local Access provider’s delay in resolving, or failure to resolve, the fault.

The Support Group will monitor the progress of all faults internally and will escalate the problem to Bluecube Senior Management as and when appropriate.

1.3 Fault Ticket Numbers

The customer will be allocated a ticket number automatically on logging a fault with the Bluecube service desk. This number must be referred to in any subsequent telephone conversations or correspondence relating to the fault.

1.4 Closing Tickets

Upon fault clearance, the status of the fault ticket will be changed to “closed” by the Bluecube service desk and the customer will receive email notification. If the customer subsequently replies to a closed ticket notification the ticket will become “open” again.

Any tickets left “open” without any notes from either customer or Bluecube will automatically be closed after 7 days. The customer can reopen a ticket at this point if they feel the fault is unresolved.

1.5 Escalation Procedure

Bluecube will offer first line support to customers. First Line support includes taking the initial fault report and initiating the required steps to resolve the fault and keeping the customer informed of the progress of the fault. Bluecube will supply 2nd Line support in conjunction with the network/carrier to advise the customer and arrange joint testing as needed. Bluecube will also allocate 3rd Line support to the relevant parties which include escalating faults to the relevant manufacturer in cases where a fault cannot be resolved at the 1st or 2nd line.

The parties shall use the escalation procedure when events justify the escalation of issues above the level of personnel or management involved at any particular time.

The escalation procedure may begin when a reported fault passes a set time and it is likely that the fault will exceed its contracted time to resolve. The customer must request escalation and only after the specified set times.

An escalation can start prior to the period stated above if the customer requires more immediate action or feels an escalation is justified.

Upon escalation a Bluecube senior Manager or Director will be notified of the issue and may contact the customer for more information. The Senior Manager or Director will then liaise with the network/carrier senior management to find a faster resolution.

1.6 Support charges

Bluecube aim to provide remote support at no additional charge where that support is fair and reasonable. The vast majority of service requests we receive are resolved on the first call and our FCR (first call resolution) target is 90% of all calls and emails received to the support team. However, support requests do vary in their complexity and where support requests cannot be resolved within 15 minutes of an advisors time a charge of £25.00 +VAT per 30 minutes will be levied with the initial 30 minutes being a minimum £25.00 +VAT flat charge. Other chargeable occurrences are as follows: Device re-configuration £25.00 +VAT per device. Greeting replacement upload £25.00 +VAT per instance. Router configuration £25.00 +VAT per 30 minute instance. Additional product training £25.00 +VAT per instance with the initial 30 minutes being a minimum £25.00 +VAT flat charge.

1.7 On-site support

The need for on-site support is rare as Bluecube services and products are remotely managed. If an onsite visit is required, then charges will be applied as follows. Engineer visits during business hours (8.30am to 5.00pm excluding UK Bank Holidays) will be charged at £62.00 +VAT per hour for work within a 30-mile radius of LN6 7FL. Any visits outside of this radius will be subject to a mileage charge of £0.65p +VAT per mile unless agreed in writing by Bluecube.

1.8 Third party hardware

It is not possible for 3rd party hardware to be managed or supported by Bluecube.

1.9 Cabling and customer networks

Bluecube provide communications products and services and will not be able to assist with any cabling or networking customer requirements. We do have partners across the UK that we can refer for these kinds of requirements, please ask the support team for more information.