Do you know how many calls you’re missing a day?

If telephone contact plays a key role in your business, Akixi from Bluecube can now give you a truly transformative edge.

Akixi is award-winning call management software that connects to Bluecube’s Silverline cloud phone system. The software provides comprehensive and real-time user and call statistics to see how efficiently your business handles inbound and outbound calls.

Understand your business as never before

See what happens to calls from beginning to end

Optimise resources and costs

Deliver outstanding customer service

Akixi, being highly scalable, can grant you detailed statistics for as few as 2 employees to as many as 10,000 without the need for any additional hardware.

Just inform your Account Manager that you’re interested in the upgrade and we’ll take things from there!

What Akixi offers

Unreturned Lost Calls – Recover potential lost revenue and help improve service by returning abandoned calls

Extension List – See who is making and receiving calls and how efficient they are

Calls by DDI – Informs you how effectively you are handling direct dial services and/or advertising campaigns

Live Wallboard – Deliver better customer service by seeing real-time call traffic statistics

The Live Wallboard is useful to show an overall summary of business or performance which can be displayed on a large plasma screen, tablet or smartphone to demonstrate key call handling metrics to phone users, teams, leaders and managers. Information that will ultimately allow you to be more agile and responsive to customer call challenges.

Active Call List – Monitor the activity that is occurring now

Calls by Half Hour Interval – shows how busy you are during different times of the day

Calls by Day/ Week – Compare statistics over different days/weeks in a period

Akixi also gives detailed reports for your phone system so you can learn more about how your telephone system is working for you.

Start getting some amazing insights into your business. Contact your Account Manager today for a free, no-obligation virtual demo of the Akixi system.

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