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This month is officially Bluecube’s 15th year of business. On a personal note, it’s a milestone that I’m really proud to reach. When I resigned from my job at T-Mobile back in 2008 to “take the plunge” I had already spent several years before that working for Vodafone. I had seen first hand that unless you were a large corporate, you didn’t get a great service experience direct from the big boys. The vision back then was simply to provide a better deal and a better level of service to businesses than the one on offer when going direct to the networks. However, I couldn’t imagine the journey I was about to embark on and the changes, particularly in technology, that I would see along the way.

We’ve come a very long way since 2008 when we started out as a mobile phone dealer. We branched out very quickly in to phone systems and internet connectivity before we evolved over the next decade into a leading provider of UCaaS and cloud communication solutions. The launch of managed IT services and support this year was the start of a whole new chapter for the Bluecube team. We can now provide all of the IT and communication tools that a business needs and manage them all through a single support team. We’ve gone from installing and managing equipment on premise, to advising our clients to bin their tin and trust the cloud.

We’ve won awards for our solutions and built a team with the experience and the skills to manage the technology stack required to run a super efficient business. We’ve built a team that I am also very proud to say I work with and without whom there wouldn’t be a successful business.

It’s been an exciting 15 years for Bluecube and this year has certainly been no exception. We’ve changed our name to Bluecube Cloud Services to better represent our current proposition. We’ve launched a major new service in managed IT services and support and we’ve grown our team get the skills we needed to deliver these services.

But last and by no means least, a huge thank you to all of our customers and industry connections who have supported us to this part of our journey. A journey which is far from over!!

Paul Reames, Managing Director

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