We recently announced to our customers and the business community that we had changed our company name. In April this year we changed our business name to Bluecube Cloud Services Limited.

After 15 years of trading as Bluecube Telecommunications Limited, this was a big decision and we wanted to give you some context around why we made this significant change, not just in our name but in the direction in which our business is heading.

Why have we changed our name?

In 2008, when Bluecube launched as a mobile service provider, Bluecube Telecommunications seemed like the right fit. The business evolved over the next decade, providing business telephone systems, lines, calls and internet connectivity services but we still identified as a telecoms provider. 

However, technology moves fast. Fast forward to the present day and businesses want more than just telephony, mobile phone and internet connectivity services. Companies want and expect voice services that integrate with their other software and business tools, video calling and conferencing solutions, secure internal and customer chat platforms and real time website integration services (WebRTC). 

Bluecube have been providing hosted telephony services since 2014, but over recent years the business has become a leading provider of cloud-based communication services, specialising in UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). With a major new service launch due to be announced next month and a strong future focus on CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), it seemed like the right time for a change of identity.

Our clients will still know us and refer to us simply as “Bluecube” and rely on us to manage the technology that we provide for them, but we felt it was the right time for a change. The word Telecommunications really doesn’t describe what we do in 2023 and we felt Cloud Services is much broader and encapsulates the current service offering at Bluecube.

What’s changed?

Other than the business name…not much! We are still the same registered business, the same growing team and “under the bonnet” we look pretty much as we always have done. Nonetheless, things are constantly evolving here at Bluecube and we believe that our new name gives us the scope we need to grow our service offering and to stay relevant whilst we do that. 

We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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