Cloud technology was the topic of discussion at an after-work seminar on Tuesday (14th July) hosted by Bluecube Telecommunications.

The free event, which was supported by the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub, onLincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, attracted businesses from a range of sectors including healthcare and property.

Speakers included Toni O’Brien from the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub, Beth Perks from TalkTalk Business, who explained the importance of good connectivity, and Lee Houston from Vanilla IP which offers hosted voice services.

One of the key benefits of cloud technology is the flexibility it offers in terms of remote working. In the UK 131 million days were lost to sickness absences in the UK in 2013 and as Lee explained this figure could be reduced if people were able to work from home.

Paul and guests enjoy some after seminar cocktails at the Electric Bar

Although some people are off work because they are sick and therefore unable to work, there are those who could work but can’t make it into the office because they have to stay at home to look after a sick child, for example.

In addition, employees are increasingly asking for some flexibility in where they work and the hours they work so they can better manage their personal lives.

Hosting data and software in the cloud means you can access it wherever, whenever from any internet enabled device (computer, laptop or mobile phone).

Paul delivering his keynote speech on demystifying the Cloud

Similarly, hosted voice services allow you to communicate with your customers more easily while you’re on the move. You can redirect your calls when you’re out of the office, access more features like call recording and audio and web conferencing and manage those features from any device, anywhere, any time.

To work properly, however, all of this cloud-based technology requires a reliable internet connection, and although we still have a lot of work to do, over 100,000 properties in Lincolnshire now have access to superfast broadband.

To find out if you can get superfast internet and adopt cloud services please contact the team at Bluecube on 0330 002 1220 press option 1.

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