On the 29th June, Bluecube held an event in partnership with SCS Technology Solutions that educated local businesses of the importance of business continuity and how to prepare (and recover!) effectively from a disaster.

The ‘Are You Ready For Disaster’ event followed on from past events Bluecube have held, which have focused on new technology releases, cyber security and information on cloud based services. Over 60 businesses attended the event at Doddington Hall, which began with light networking and bacon butties.

The first speaker was Stuart Pilgram of the Trust Insurance Group, who focused on the ‘Changing Perception of Risk’. Stuart was followed by the morning’s main speaker, William Smith from Kingswood Continuity. William has experience working with organisations such as 10 Downing Street, The European Union, UNICEF and The Royal Bank of Scotland. He gave an insightful talk of the importance of a business continuity plan and realistic ways to prepare and recover from a business disaster. A disaster could be anything from staff shortages or absences, an office fire or floor or a major data breach. The event was finished with Bluecube’s own Managing Director Paul Reames, who gave an insightful speech on the need for business to stay online and what communication services are available to businesses.

Paul Reames delivering his keynote speech.

Some key facts from the event were:

  • If you hold customer data, are reliant on computer systems to conduct business, have a website, or are subject to a PCI merchant services agreement, you need consider your cyber and data risks.
  • Business Continuity Management is important to help you safeguard your organisation’s reputation, minimise downtime and financial loss and to help dramatically increase your organisation’s recovery capabilities.
  • Your business continuity plan should be a flexible recovery tool that is designed to deal with the impact of disruptive incidents, and should take into consideration both physical and digital risks.
  • The top 3 threats to UK businesses are cyber-attacks, data breaches and unplanned IT and telecom outages.
  • Call hacking costs the UK £1.2 billion each year and is rising by 15% year on year.
  • No matter how good your internet service is, no ISP can guarantee keeping you online all the time, and a backup connection is hugely important to minimise downtime.

If you would like any further information on the matters which were discussed at the event, please contact the Bluecube Team on 0330 002 1220.

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