Bluecube are excited to announce the launch of a new ultrafast fibre network in Lincoln – Faster Lincoln! The new network provides bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps with a range of different packages and price’s available to businesses within the city.

Typically, internet connectivity has been a ‘postcode lottery’ for organisations in Lincoln. Many organisations in Lincoln have limited options when it comes to connectivity, either they have had to struggle with slow copper or wireless based services or pay for premium connectivity products such as Leased Lines. Bluecube’s new full fibre network gives businesses the opportunity to connect to an ultrafast network with symmetrical and uncontended speeds at a much lower cost to similar services from other carriers.

Bluecube’s Senior Sales Manager Jack Waby said: “The new network in Lincoln really is a game changer for local businesses. The uptake in cloud-based applications and remote/hybrid working has put a huge burden on network connectivity for local businesses. Many businesses simply don’t have the connectivity to support new technology and are suffering as a result.

Businesses expect fast and reliable broadband in 2022 and unfortunately this hasn’t always been available in Lincoln. Our new network now gives 2500 addresses in the city access to Faster Lincoln at a low cost. Our services are provisioned on a 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps bearer so bandwidth can be increased remotely during the agreement period to match internet demands, this suits many businesses that now need assured capacity and faster bandwidth”.

Bluecube are accepting orders for ultrafast fibre now so please call 0330 002 1220 (option 2) for more information and to place an order.

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