When Bluecube moved into the hosted telephony space in 2013, the industry as a whole was starting to question the need for desk phones. Seven years down the line and COVID-19 has pushed us all into a lockdown that has forced almost everyone to work from home for several weeks.

Working from home was an easier test for some than for others, those already using cloud-based and hosted services (including telephony) found the transition an easy one. Our hosted users simply downloaded a soft phone to their chosen device (laptop, mobile, PC or MAC) and were able to access exactly the same features as they could via their handset in the office. For the others who had not adopted cloud technology yet, the transition was more difficult.

However, within a couple of weeks of the lockdown most of the UK and the rest of the world had come up with a solution to work remotely. Now we are seeing a slow return to the office by some businesses, but many are left wondering whether all of their staff need to return to an office environment. Many employees have enjoyed the benefits of home working in lockdown and many employers have seen an increase in productivity as a result.

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively accelerated the adoption of remote working strategies by businesses around the world. Equally lockdown has caused a massive shift in working culture and organisations are not simply going back to the way things were.

Whether businesses want their team to work from home or have the flexibility to work in the office, from home or on the move; many are now reviewing their communications and making sure they have the flexibility to do so.

At Bluecube we are selling less phones, although we are increasing the overall number of users on our platform rapidly. Many are now using softphones such as our Broadsoft UC-One Trio application instead of desk phone. We have also been working on two Microsoft Teams integration products. Call2Teams has already been released and Microsoft Teams Telephony is about go live. Both solutions allow you to make, take and manage both internal and external calls via the Microsoft Teams application.

Headset stocks around the UK are critically low as workers replace desk phones with a soft phone and order a comfortable headset for their day to day telephony. Video calls and virtual meetings have also become common place at work and that is putting a strain on many businesses internet access.

Bluecube can give you advice on how to ensure your business has the internet access it needs to compete in this new world that we live in. Our expert team can also advise you on the software we have to replace your current phone system with a communications solution to access from anywhere and on any device.

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