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Finding the best business mobile plan for business has always been challenging. With several UK operators and hundreds of business mobile tariffs to choose from it can be a complex decision for any business.

Whether you are a small business with only a few mobile phones or a larger enterprise with a bigger fleet of mobile devices, there are many factors to consider when choosing a mobile deal that works for your organisation.

The introduction of unlimited UK call plans has made the process a little easier but finding the right 5G or 4G data plan and a mobile device that works well for your end users is still a minefield. Some businesses try to steer clear of the more expensive iPhone or Android devices, whilst others see the remote user’s mobile device as a key business tool and are willing to invest in a high specification device. Regardless of your wish list there are some easy steps to follow to ensure you get the right plan and deal for your business.

There’s no getting away from the two main factors that will determine your overall cost, the amount of data and the type of device you decide to go for will dictate how much you pay, but there are other things to consider. Here are our top tips to find the best business mobile deal for your business.


If you ask your team which mobile device they would like to use for work then they are probably going to want a high-end Android or iPhone device. Instead consider their job roles, how reliant they will be on their mobile device and make a decision based on individual requirements. There are low cost, mid-range and high-end devices from every manufacturer and depending on the end user’s job role their requirements will differ. Device costs range from under £100 to over £1000 and if you’re spreading the cost of a high-end device across your contracted period then that is going to make a BIG difference to your monthly rental.

SIM only plans

Many businesses are now seeing the wisdom of going for a sim only plan and replacing devices as and when they need to. Bear in mind though that if you choose a sim only plan but then have to replace all of your devices over the contracted period it could be a lot of capital expense to the business. If you negotiate a good deal through an independent broker, you can spread the cost of replacing your device fleet through your monthly plan.

5G and 4G data plans

The amount of data you buy will also heavily impact on your monthly rental. 5G data is faster but also more expensive than 4G data. You should also be careful not to end up with a plan that gives every user, for example, 50GB of data when in reality they are not using anywhere near that much data. Often shared data plans can work out to be more cost effective than individual data bundles but try and find a plan that accurately reflects your actual usage.

Account management

Finding the right plan is just the first step to creating a cost-effective mobile phone account for your business. Once you’ve done that you will need to ensure your costs don’t start to go up. Most operators provide an online bill manager portal or similar online tool where you can add spend caps, service and feature bars and manage users to ensure you are getting the best value. Keeping a regular eye on your bill is key to managing your costs down.

Set the bar low

It sounds obvious but you should start with the lowest plan possible. You can always add on more users, additional features or more data if you find you need to. However, if you start on a plan that gives you more than you really need then you will be unable to scale down until the end of your contracted period.

Get expert advice

Vodafone, EE, O2, Virgin and Three all have deals and promotions running all of the time. Business mobile deals and mobile data deals can change monthly and so keeping up to date with the best mobile deals for business can be extremely difficult. Bluecube is an independent broker with 14 years of experience and can do the hard work for you. We’ll search across all of the UK mobile carriers and business plans to find the perfect mobile deal for your business and if there isn’t a plan that exactly matches your requirements, then we’ll just build one for you! 

Bluecube can create bespoke tariffs and plans to ensure you get the best value and the features that you want. Contact the Bluecube team today and challenge us to beat your current deal or latest quote.

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