Lockdown 3.0 was a predictable but unwelcome start to 2021 for us all. However, staying connected to your team, your customers and working just as effectively from home as you do in the office is absolutely possible.

Here are my 5 big tips on how to stay connected and stay productive during the latest national lockdown:

Create a WFH plan and communicate it to your team as quickly as possible

Setting the boundaries for your team and communicating your expectations of them whilst working from home is the first and most important step in setting up a successful WFH plan. Your team need a clear guide on how they will receive and send information to their management team and what is expected from them now that they’re outside of the office environment. Without this the work and life balance lines can become easily blurred.

Use cloud technology to monitor your team’s performance 

There’s a huge range of reporting and monitoring software out there that will allow you to track team’s progress regardless of their working location. Without the data on what our team are doing and how they’re performing it is impossible to manage and make changes to your business to ensure it runs efficiently whilst we work remotely. With the right business communication tools you can monitor call activity, email activity and other essential business reports anywhere and on any device. This isn’t big brother it is a necessity!

Keep the office culture alive

Scheduling regular team meetings and team huddles will ensure your team members do not feel isolated and still feel connected to their colleagues. It’s also an ideal way to share ideas on a regular basis and share reports and other information. Team huddles are an opportunity for brainstorming and problem solving. Most importantly its a way to provide some social interaction time for your team.

Adopt and embrace new communication tools

Unified communication tools allow the end user to communicate via a range of devices. UC offers telephony, video calling and conferencing, instant chat and file sharing and makes working remotely a completely unrestricted experience for your team. Fixed systems are very old news and rightly so, cloud services are the future and a total no-brainer.

Celebrate your wins and successes

Don’t allow this pandemic to take away the joy of celebrating your successes as a team. Find ways to remotely high five your team members for their wins and successes, whether they be large or small. We all need a pat on the back and some group recognition occasionally but perhaps now more than ever!

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