If the last year has taught us anything in business, then it’s the need to be agile. With the pandemic forcing us to work remotely, many organisations are looking at how they can give their teams access to essential business tools regardless of their location.

The cloud provides the answer to many business problems with products being provided as an online service. Unified Communications as a service (UCaaS) gives the end user access to a range of communication tools that will enable them to connect with their team and their customers effectively, without the need for multiple devices.

Historically here at Bluecube, we used to install business phone systems that were limited in functionality and could only be used in the office. Today we provide communications software that can be used on one or multiple devices and in any location.


A basic but essential requirement for any business is being able to make and receive phone calls. Missing inbound calls because your not in the office or at your desk when an enquiry comes in could cost the business big money and whilst there are many different ways to communicate now, people still like to speak by telephone. UCaaS allows the end user to manage their business phone calls using a softphone, a mobile application, or a phone. Some end users prefer to use all these devices to effectively manage their calls.

A softphone can be installed on a PC, MAC or laptop and used at home, in the office or on the move. The same features and functionality are available on a smartphone application and so working location becomes irrelevant. Managers can even use live call reporting software to view their team’s productivity and efficiency even they’re all working in different places.

Video call and meeting solutions

Meeting online and saving time and money in the process isn’t a new concept. Prior to the pandemic businesses such as Bluecube and been promoting the financial and environmental benefits of using video conferencing solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has simply increased the business community’s and the public in general’s appetite for online meeting software.

With working habits looking like they have changed for good, giving staff the tools to ensure that they travel less and are more efficient makes good sense.

Chat and file sharing

Chat, or instant messaging as it’s often known, is a popular method of communication for business. It allows staff to chat with their colleagues and share or ask for essential information without the need to waste time making small talk.

Live chat on a website is also a popular way for online shoppers to ask questions or for specific information, without feeling like they are making the commitment of leaving their details unless they want to.

Realtime communications and presence 

Realtime communications and presence are easy ways to view the availability of a colleague of someone via any WebRTC integrated website.

Presence is a service used to check the internal availability of a colleague before you try to contact them or perhaps try to transfer a call to them.

WebRTC is technology that integrates with your website to show the real time availability of your team to anyone visiting your public website and allows them to contact your team directly via the website. Full control over who can be contacted and how (phone, video call, chat etc) via the website is controlled by the business just as internal presence privileges can be edited.

Mobility and Apps 

The demand for mobility is rising particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020. Even if most of your employees don’t work remotely, there’s a good chance that you have field workers in your midst that you need to support with the same tools as your office-based employees.

With a reliable UCaaS solution, you can ensure that mobility remains a part of your ongoing business strategy. For example, the cloud will ensure that your teams can tap into the day to day tools that they need through applications on their smartphones and tablets.

Why is UCaaS so popular?

Apart from giving businesses access to a range of communication tools on a choice of multiple devices, UCaaS offers many financial benefits over legacy, equipment-based communications tools. UCaaS is usually deployed on a subscription basis with businesses paying on a per user per month basis. This means that very little upfront capital investment is required.

The Capex over Opex model is further enhanced by the very nature of UCaaS being a software and cloud-based solution. Providers like Bluecube are deploying less and less hardware as users opt for apps and softphones over desk phones. This brings the overall cost of the system down and makes it a more attractive option.

Finally, UCaaS is a future proof communication solution for any business. Subscribe to the number of users your business needs and change that number as your business grows or changes. If new technology becomes available then simply get an update and liberate your business from a cycle of regularly upgrading yet another piece of office equipment that quickly looks dated.

For more information on our range of UCaaS products click here.

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