Bainland Lodge Retreats

Bainland Lodge Retreats offers opulent surroundings, outdoor adventure and plenty of fresh air, on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Their expansive site features over seventy lodges, sleeping from two to twenty-four, many with pools and hot tubs. Recent constructions include their luxury tree house, children’s play area and wellness spa, making Bainlands a choice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Their 45-acre estate has advanced connectivity needs, helping guests to get connected to ultrafast speeds. This has been instrumental in helping Bainlands to win business from London-based clientele who need to work remotely. Behind all the rustic furnishings is an advanced IT infrastructure, powering a luxury restaurant, a spa and a shop, enabling fast and secure transactions. Bluecube also provided a Wildix UC system, enabling the hospitality team to handle all manner of communications to their clientele.

Services we provided

Unified Communications

Webex is used to communicate with their guests, with call routing set up for out-of-hours services.


High speed internet connectivity has been enabled through a leased line, offering symmetrical bandwidth.

Sadie Copeman – Guest Experience Manager

We chose Bluecube because they came up with the right solution to help with our business needs. They’re really easy to communicate with and they help us when we need them to.

Sadie Copeman – Guest Experience Manager

Updated technology has generated revenue

One of the most frequently asked questions by the guests of Bainland Lodges is regarding their wifi. With predominantly London-based clientele, Bainlands enjoys trade from individuals and organisations that need to stay connected to their businesses. They can confidently tell their customers that they offer super fast WiFi as part of their hospitality package, which has helped them to secure a lot of business.

The challenge

Establishing a high-speed connection can be challenging in a remote location, so a partner was needed who could oversee the installation of a dedicated leased line. Communications on legacy phone systems were doing their job, but didn’t enable the level of functionality that the business needed, to track communications and configure their call routing.

The solution

Bluecube oversaw the installation of a dedicated leased line, which is often problematic in rural areas. We saw the installation from start to finish within a matter of months. We went to their site to train their hospitality team to make the most of Webex, helping them to understand all the features and functionality. Our team has been on standby since their installation, offering hands-on support whenever it has been required.

The results

Bainland have grown exponentially since working with Bluecube. Their leased line has a 4 -hour SLA on any reported faults, meaning they have the assurance that their infrastructure is supported. Their reception team is handling more calls than ever before, and a growing customer base continues to fuel developments within the business.