Changing an ‘out of hours’ divert

As part of your phone system with Bluecube, you may have a singular or multiple out of hours policies in place, or other time dependant diverts. These are typically used to send calls to voicemail outside of working hours, or change call destinations depending on days of the week etc. These can be configured using the Uboss portal. As part of our onboarding process a user for the Uboss portal will have been created. If you don’t currently have access to Uboss and require it, or have forgotten which user at your business has access, please contact our support team using the details at the bottom of this post.

The set-up and configuration of your out of hours diverts varies depending on the way your system was designed and deployed by Bluecube. If you want to change your divert yourself using Uboss, please contact the Bluecube Support Team who can talk you through the configuration of your system, and provide step by step instructions for making future changes.

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