Accessing your invoice

Accessing your Bluecube invoices for Wildix, connectivity, or mobiles is quick and easy using our ZOEY billing platform. As part of our onboarding process a user for the ZOEY portal will have been created, and instructions to access invoices sent over. If you don’t currently have access to ZOEY and require it, or have forgotten which user at your business has access, please contact our support team using the details at the bottom of this post.

Navigate here to access ZOEY, and sign in using the details provided by Bluecube. Once signed in to ZOEY you can access your invoices with the below steps;

  • Along the top of the portal hover over Invoices and select Monthly Invoices
  • You’ll see a carousel of each months invoice along with a summary of the amount, invoice date, and reference.
  • Once you click in to an invoice, you’ll see a breakdown of the services on the invoice, as well as any references for the individual services.
  • You’ll also see a pink ‘Invoice (PDF)’ button, which lets you download a PDF copy of the invoice if needed.

Still need help?

Get in touch with our award-winning customer support team if you have any questions. Call us now on 0330 002 1220 and dial option 1 or email: