Webex – Ending active Webex sessions remotely

You may find yourself in a scenario where you want to make sure that a device that is signed in to your Webex account is no longer signed in – maybe it’s a phone or laptop that has been misplaced, or given to a colleague without being signed out of your account.

You can follow the steps below from any web browser to see all active sessions for your user ID and sign out any that you don’t recognise or need any more.

  1. Navigate to https://idbroker-eu.webex.com/idb/profile#/ and sign in with the email and password you normally use to access Webex. Alternatively you can go to ‘Settings’ in the Webex app, the ‘General’ section, and then hit the ‘Show Details’ link under recent sessions – you’ll then be prompted to sign in.
  2. Once signed in scroll down to the ‘Sign-in And Security’ section and click on ‘Devices’
  3. You’ll now see a list of active sessions for that account identified by the version of the app being used (Windows, Android, etc) as well as time last logged in/active.
  4. Hit ‘End Session’ to sign out those devices remotely. You could end all sessions if you wanted, and then sign back in on the devices you’re now wanting to use.

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