Audio Issues in Wildix

Occasionally you may experience audio issues while using Wildix Collaboration on your PC, or have issues getting your chosen headset or microphone to connect. On PC/laptop this is usually quite easy to solve, and normally comes down to either settings on your machine itself, or within Wildix Collaboration.

This troubleshooting guide is split in to two parts, but we’d recommend following both sections to be sure you’ve checked off most common issues.

Settings within Windows

The first place to check if you’re experiencing issues with audio when using Wildix Collaboration is your Windows settings.

This guide is written for Windows 11, but should be similar if using an earlier version.

  1. Click on the Windows icon, click ‘All Apps’, and find ‘Settings’.
  2. Click on ‘System’ on the left hand side, then the ‘Sound’ section.
  3. You now have a couple of areas to check. First, make sure that under the ‘Output’ section your headset or bluetooth device (AirPods etc) are selected, not for instance the default laptop speakers, which will usually show as Realtek Audio. Repeat this in the ‘Input’ section, again checking that your chosen device is selected.
  4. If your device isn’t showing up as an input/output device check it is connected properly. If it is a Bluetooth device you can pair it/connect to it in the ‘Bluetooth & Devices’ section of the ‘Settings’ menu.

Settings within Wildix Collaboration

Now that we’ve checked settings within Windows for audio devices, we can now check the Wildix Collaboration settings for any further issues.

  1. In Collaboration click on the ‘Setting’ cog in the top navigation bar.
  2. On the left hand menu click on ‘Web Phone’. You’ll see a series of dropdowns, as well as a webcam preview if you have one connected.
  3. Make sure that the dropdown options for ‘Speakers and Microphone’ are set to your chosen device. This may be the headset you’re using, such as Jabra Link, or another device like Apple AirPods or another microphone/speaker.
  4. Normally you’d want the setting for ‘Speakers and Microphone’ to be set to the same device – the only time you may want these to be different is if you’re using a seperate microphone to your headset or speakers.
  5. To check your configuration you can use the ‘Echo Test’ button – this will play a short message followed by a bleep, after which anything you say in to your chosen microphone will be played back through the headset or speakers selected.
  6. Once you’re happy with your settings, press ‘Save’.

If you have any problems while following the above steps or they don’t resolve your issue, please get in touch with the Bluecube Support Team by raising a support ticket through our website below, or emailing

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