Issues making calls in Wildix

If you’re experiencing issues when trying to place a call using Wildix Collaboration, this can caused by a few different things.

The following checks will help you fix the problem yourself – and if you’re still stuck you can get in touch with our Support Team.

  • Firstly check the dropdown next to the green ‘Dial’ button at the top of Collaboration. If you’re just using Collaboration on your PC/in your web browser then the dropdown should be set to ‘Web’.
  • If you also use a Wildix physical desk phone or handset, you may see this in the dropdown. If you select this device (Wildix Start for example) and then make a call from Collaboration, the call will dial out from your physical handset, instead of your PC/web browser. The same applies if you’re using the mobile app alongside browser based Collaboration.

If you’re still having issues placing a call after checking the above, we’d recommend clearing your browser cache & cookies. This varies depending on which web browser you’re using, but will normally be an option within the web browser settings.

If you have any problems while following the above steps, please get in touch with the Bluecube Support Team by raising a support ticket through our website, or emailing

Still need help?

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